Our Pastor, Richard Abbott

Pastor Richard Abbott is a lifelong Baptist and a native of Lancaster County. Richard grew in Baptist faith and training as a member of Kilmarnock Baptist Church from his youth until God called he and his family to Morattico Baptist Church in 2002 where he and his wife Jan, joined in 2003.

Pastor Richard mentored under then Pastor Craig Smith with whom he shared a brotherly friendship until Pastor Craig’s untimely passing in April 2020. Over the years, Pastor Richard served Morattico Baptist Church as deacon, then chairman of deacons and as well as pulpit supply for Pastor Craig and other pastors around Lancaster County. During 2019 and into 2020, Richard shared the pulpit with Pastor Craig during his illness.

Richard was ordained and called to the pastorship of Morattico Baptist Church in March 2020. This was not the first time a pastor was called from the congregation to the pulpit of Morattico Baptist. Pastor Richard joined a list of pastors who were called from the congregation, including Reverend Jeremiah Bell Jeter and Colonel Addison Hall.

Pastor Richard brings a life experience to the pulpit of Morattico Baptist Church. His training has been provided by a variety of life experiences including years when his life was anything but pleasing to God. He calls upon this period in the Wilderness for strength and acknowledgment of the power of God to change lives. Pastor Richard said, “I always loved Jesus, I always knew God was present in my life. But I didn’t always let Him rule my heart. It was that wilderness journey that led me to the narrow gate.” He is a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he brings the beauty of God’s Son into every message.

From the moment Richard entered the doors of Morattico Baptist, he has been fascinated by her history. Says Pastor Richard, “To pastor Morattico Baptist Church is an honor and privilege because of her rich history. Founded in 1778, Morattico Baptist grew up with America. This church survived the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, famine, diseases, the great depression and the great westward migration. Her pastors have been dedicated to God and the message of Jesus Christ and I am blessed to be counted among them!”

Pastor Richard and Morattico Baptist welcome you and encourage you to visit. If the Good News of Jesus Christ is missing in your life, Morattico Baptist Church is ready to share it!